Knights Jail

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Knights Jail

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:52 pm

Hey Everyone

Knights Jail Instance is the first party mission you can do, you will get a mission to kill Hanibal and 60 Tomb Stalkers as an optional quest.
When you enter KJ you will confront 30 Prisoners (Tomb Stalkers) you have to kill there very easy and i would recommend a party of 3 - 4 around level to unless a high level will help you, after killing the 30 prisoners you have to speak to the 4 injured jail guards and then kill some Tomb Stalkers and a Boss with each injured jail guard and there are 4 of them, after that Hannibal will appear and then kill him Smile Simple.

The Quest You Get To Hannibal Will Get You A Mount.


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Re: Knights Jail

Post  Rio on Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:42 am

There are a few things either missing from the post above or worth explaining in depth:

- after killing the first 30 tomb stalkers you're to help the injured guards, each time you help one a mini-boss and ~10-15 tomb stalkers spawn next to you.

- the instance dungeon has four mini-bosses that drop each 1 red stamp (the number of stamps increases accordingly to your level).

- killing the four mini-bosses makes Hannibal spawn in the middle of the map, he does not have any tomb stalkers by his side.

- behind Mistra there are knights that sell decent armors for the stamps, by decent i mean better than NPC armor but worse than SG (soul gear) armor.

Even though this dungeon is the easiest you'll ever see it's still better to do it in a party.


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