Magus Class Build

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Magus Class Build

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:08 am

Alright This Is My Magus At The Moment He's LVL 73

Best way to build a Magus is pure INT stat after you hit LVL 21 also fortifying ALL your gear is very important, With Fortify Crystals you can get it to +3 maybe +4 if your lucky, after that i suggest Major Fortify Crystals ( Buy With ZEN Or For Around 300K Each Of Players)

Also Skip LVL 75 Magus SG Because Its Very Over Priced Unless You Can Find It Cheap.
Make sure you use Insignia Wands to add Diamond or other slots.

To Get SG Free Go To Dragon Emporers Tomb Instance For Level 45 SG, Level 60 SG Is Specter Island And Level 75 SG Is Gyzas Pyramid.
Have Fun And PM Me In Game If You Need Help.


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